And so it begins…

Yeah, I know.

Technically, the first post was my introductory post.

And technically, said post was posted a number of months (years?) ago.

And to save you from wasting your thoughts on deserved criticism of my action or lack thereof, yes, technically* the very point of said post could be (and probably has been) said about the Mongolian outback that is this blog.**

But no more.

On April 10th 2016 I made a promise to myself and you, the people, to provide you with GOOD talking points, and GREAT discussion, AND DAMNIT I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU IT.

(wipes tear from eye)

So with that being said…

Before the regular posts start coming, here are just a few points, about the Talking Points that will ensue.***

  • Apart from resembling the inner ramblings of a madman, this page will most likely read as a running commentary on all things sport, with a particularly strong focus on football and basketball.
  • To all those who despise just that, don’t worry. Sport is, on the most part, synonymous with the global issues and stories that constantly surround and consume us. Thus, I will bring in various socio-political/pop-cultural links, as and when I see fit.
  • So hopefully there’ll be something for everyone most people, apart from those who despise just that, to which I solemnly say – I’m sorry. I can’t do anything for you.****
  • Through a mixture of habit and inspiration, I have developed a deep love (and hatred) for footnotes. So expect them. A lot. (Thanks KCL/Bill Simmons).
  • It will not be another year before I post again.

So, there you ago. Please welcome me back into your loving arms. And feel free to share. If for nothing else than to heap shame upon me should I disappear into the outback once more.

Until the next post…

Happy reading.



*(I completely agree with you – ‘ironically’ would work better, but RULE OF THREE man! Always respect the rule of three. Cheers prof.)

**My sincere apologies.

***I really am going to run this ‘Talking Points’ thing into the ground, aren’t I – it’s TP from now on.

****Can someone let me know who actually came up with the whole ‘you can’t please everyone‘ phrase? Thanks in advance.